About Us

Grace My Face Minerals
P O Box 195
Genoa Wi 54632


Grace My Face Minerals was launched in 2011 as a natural alternative to everyday cosmetics.  It was our goal to get rid of the notion that great Mineral Makeup has to be expensive, and to make it possible for Pure and Natural Mineral Makeup, of the highest quality, to fit into everyone’s budget.

So in 2009, we set out to create Grace My Face Mineral Makeup, which is 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% affordable Mineral Makeup.   Having been diagnosed years earlier with both Rosacea and Basil Cell Carcinoma, our Founder insisted that we create a special formulation with additional concealer and anti-inflammatory properties, one that beautifully covers all the ‘red’.  And so Powder Me Louder was born.  And not only was this a beautiful foundation for those with rosacea, it was also great coverage for sensitive skin with acne, eczema, sun damage, blotchiness… Pure, buildable coverage that never looks or feels heavy… that actually nourishes your skin while you’re wearing it.

All of our Mineral products contain only a few ingredients, each with its own special quality and purpose.  We do not use talc, fillers, bismuth oxychloride or any other additives in our makeup.   Just pure, natural minerals that provide all – day – skin – loving – happiness!

Zinc Oxide is known for its anti-inflammatory healing properties in problem skin such as rosacea and acne

Titanium Dioxide has waterproof and SPF properties and provides a Matte look.

Mica has transparent properties and allows the makeup to go on smoothly

Iron Oxides give the makeup its color

Kaolin Clay creates adhesion and is great for oil absorption.  (We do not have Kaolin Clay in our Grace My Face Foundation)

* A few of our eyeshadows may have other natural ingredients that are necessary to create those particular colors, and these are clearly listed in the eyeshadow’s description. All of our ingredients are also explained under our  “Ingredient Glossary

We absolutely love our Mineral Makeup, and we’re sure that you will, too.  Experience all-day-skin-loving-happiness with Grace My Face Minerals. Love it, or we’ll refund your money.  It’s that simple.